Ministry and Community Organizing Summer Internship

Ministry and Community Organizing Summer Internship 2016

Sunderland, Maryland

Two churches, Broadview Baptist Church and All Saints Episcopal Church, in an ecumenical partnership, invite interested college students, young adults ages 18-25, to apply for its Ministry and Community Organizing Summer Internship in Sunderland, Maryland, which is proximally located to Washington DC and Annapolis and Baltimore, Maryland.

Characteristics of ideal candidates:

  1. Align with the missions of the two sponsoring churches: “make engaged disciples” (All Saints) and “grow deeper and broader in our spiritual lives, while partnering to meet needs in the community” (Broadview)
  2. Have interest in the processes and strategies of working to improve local communities
  3. Desire to explore and gain experience for a career in ministry, social services, advocacy, community organizing, or related field
  4. Articulate areas of interest so that internship can correspond to interest areas
  5. Be open to learning and having new experiences; have curiosity
  6. Enjoy meeting new people and being helpful
  7. Be dedicated, hard-working, and self-motivated
  8. Exhibit good oral and written communication
  9. Identify her or his growing edges, or areas of desired personal or professional development, that he or she wants to focus on in summer internship

Possible opportunities and responsibilities of summer internship  (will be focused to correspond to intern’s interests and past experiences)

  • This internship will give broad range of experiences of creative ministries addressing the spiritual and physical needs of a semi-rural county. Potential to help grow and launch initiatives that address justice issues such as poverty/wealth inequality, racial and religious discrimination, educational disparities, homelessness and housing insecurity, and challenges for youth.
  • Experience intersectionality with ministries in urban areas including visits to nearby Washington DC, Baltimore, and Annapolis.
  • Participate in weekly worship services with Broadview or All Saints churches. Help plan/lead worship if interested.
  • Help plan and attend Strategic Planning Retreat for youth formation.
  • Participate in “Doing Justice” Community Organizing Summer Training.
  • Attend and assist with facilitation of related Bible studies.
  • Preach in 1 to 2 Sunday services, if interested. No prior experience required.
  • Help organize and lead annual summer mission trip in West Virginia.
  • Contribute ideas and inspiration to the newly-founded #OurCommon Calvert County-Wide Youth Leadership Movement
  • Mentor high school volunteers at Reading Camp Maryland, which helps students who are behind grade level improve their reading skills during the summer.
  • Meet Jewish, Muslim, and other interfaith leaders and youth through our Interfaith Dialogue and Exchange program. Opportunities include video teleconferences with students in Jordan, Ramadan with the local mosque, writing newspaper articles about interfaith dialogue, etc.
  • Assist with social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, websites, etc.)
  • Learn to search for grant funding for ministries of interest.
  • Build relationships and community through fun activities such as Learn-to-Drum Djembe group, a camping trip, trivia, Orioles and Nationals baseball games, etc.
  • Have supervision and check-ins with two pastors and community organizers, Rev. Ken Phelps and Rev. Jennifer Wilder, who are at the forefront of rethinking the role of church in communities of need.
  • Read and discuss two books throughout summer, mutually decided upon by intern and supervisors, based on intern’s interests.

The position

  • Internship June 7 to August 6, or alternatively, June 17 to August 12
  • One week vacation. Intern may choose the dates, though must be present for July 11-15 and August 1-6.
  • Full time 40-hour/week. Some weekend and evening work is required, as part of 40 hours.
  • Housing provided
  • $2000 stipend
  • Intern should have valid drivers license and feel comfortable driving.

Candidates need not be Baptist or Episcopal. Please visit,, or to learn more about the sponsoring churches.

Application Process:

-Submit resume and typed responses to short answer questions to by May 25, 2016. Submit earlier if possible.

-Finalists have SKYPE or Google+ Interviews May 25 through May 30, 2016.

-Notification by June 1, 2016.

Short Answer Questions:

Please respond with a paragraph to answer each of the following questions, and submit responses, along with your resume to by May 25, 2016.

  1. Why do you want to dedicate your summer to this Ministry and Community Organizing Internship?
  2. Explain the role of one or two of the following in your personal life: faith, ministry, church, social justice or social injustice, or community change work.
  3. What is one challenge facing churches and community organizations who seek to do transformational change in your area? What is one attempt you have made or might make to bring about change there?
  4. Explain your greatest strengths and your greatest weaknesses or “growing edges.”
  5. Explain areas of focus you would like to have during this internship, and why you would like these foci.