I’m New…What to Expect in Worship

Our group

When you enter, you’ll likely find us gathered in a circle.  We find that circles create the best space for encountering each other and the holy in each of us.  We see the lights in each others’ eyes.

What we do

You’ll be greeted and handed a program that guides our group through the morning together.  We’ll pray, sing, be silent, and read ancient and modern texts.  On any given Sunday, we will hear some combination of New and Old Testament texts from the Bible in addition to other sources of wisdom and reflection, like poems, quotes, articles, videos, or other religious texts.

How to participate

Our worship has many moments for participation if or when people want to.  The core of the worship experience is often centered around a question or two. Please listen, speak, write, express yourself creatively, or don’t, as you feel comfortable.  We know different people think, learn, and come to insight differently, so do what you do!  We love introverts, extroverts, AND ambiverts!

Kids and casual

Dress however you feel comfortable.  Most of us dress casually.  Kids are welcome in worship, as they are leaders in the making!

All are invited to Communion

About once a month, we celebrate Communion, also called the Eucharist.  This is a meal of bread and wine (except we use grape juice to be hospitable to everyone) like the meal that Jesus shared with his disciples.  We continue the tradition and update it for today.  ALL are welcome to take, eat, and drink, or not, during Communion.

Coffee Communion

Really, though, the community and eating aspect of Communion happens every week at Broadview.  Stay after worship each week to eat snacks and drink coffee or juice as a group.