Name and Beliefs


We take our name seriously.  At Broadview Baptist Church, your unique self is welcome. We hold sacred a broadness of diversity among people, wanting you to come teach us and share with us.

We also want to make each other “broader” by mutually helping open new experiences of God, informing each other’s understanding of the world, and inspiring spirit, hope, and energy for community-centered change work.

We are LGBTQ-affirming, meaning we welcome members of any sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.



We may be different from the typical Baptist church you are familiar with.  Our congregation reclaims Baptist rootedness in

  • freedom of belief,
  • the love of God for all,
  • re-interpreting the Bible’s wisdom for today’s context,
  • and creativity and responsibility for ministry in the hands of the local congregation.

We support women as ordained ministers. We believe that it part of our call as people of faith to oppose injustice and violence.  We use historical critical method and the social sciences to inform our study of the Bible.

We are affiliated with the Alliance of Baptists, American Baptist Churches (ABCUSA), and the District of Columbia Baptist Convention (DCBC).