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Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.15.26 AM“Not an ordinary Youth Group”

The youth, families, and leaders of Broadview Church, All Saints Episcopal Church and  other religious communities in Calvert County work together.

Children and youth develop themselves as leaders:   leaders in thinking, speaking, and action.  We provide safe spaces where children, adolescents, and teens can bring their deepest thoughts, their most troubling and most random questions, and their wildest dreams.

Youth travel to sites in the community to see projects, problems, and people that relate to our focus themes:  protecting the environment; global, racial, and religious diversity; and ridding Calvert County and the world of poverty, homelessness, and hunger.

We discuss and try to understand what we saw, pose new questions, and decide on a next direction in our shared work. Youth design their own small- and large-scale service projects.

Check our Facebook Page for notices of activities.  Or contact or (410) 610-2888 for the full schedule.


Activities have included….

-Videoconferences with youth from Amman, Jordan

-Field trips to the National Cathedral, the Holocaust Museum, the National Zoo, and the Church of the Guardian Angel in Baltimore

-“Project Spudnick”: Growing potatoes and peanuts to be donated to food banks

-Mock election year town hall meetings: “What would Jesus say about the issues in this year’s election?”


-Fun Bible studies, such as “Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey–OK, that’s weird, but what did it mean?”

-Visits to the mosques in Baltimore and in Calvert County, including dialogues with youth and leaders of other faiths

-Bonfire and hotdog roast

-Calvert County-wide Youth group “Hang-outs”

-Courageous Conversations Retreat


#OurCommon Calvert County-wide Youth Leadership


Broadview youth participate with the #OurCommon Calvert County-wide Youth Leadership movement. Our purpose:

Bridge gaps with conversation, challenge stereotypes, while building lasting relationships. Develop youth leaders. Get real about tough issues.

All youth and adults from across Calvert County are asked and invited to join in mutual leadership to advance this shared purpose and action.

Like #OurCommon on Facebook and follow on Instagram.  Our next meeting dates are listed:  Come to our next activity.



Some Photos:

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