Justice and Community

Closing the (Educational) Gap Coalition of Calvert Countyimg_2627_20715862373_o-2

The “Closing the Gap” coalition works to eliminate the achievement “gaps” in quality education for all students in the Calvert County Public School System.  Currently, Closing the Gap meets regularly with the Calvert County school superintendent to offer feedback and ask questions.  Closing the Gap investigates possibilities for equal access to internet and computers for all students, which is important because technology is now an essential part of curriculum, homework completion, and college applications.  Closing the Gap recognizes Calvert County teachers who are especially committed to closing achievement gaps in their classrooms.

Community Mediation Center of Calvert County

Mediation is a process by which parties in a dispute talk through their differences to find solutions and steps forward that are mutually agreed upon by both parties.  This process is facilitated by a skilled mediator, and the involved parties themselves decide on solutions, rather than solutions being determined by outside agencies or the courts. The sessions are voluntary, confidential and free to county residents. For more information go to www.calvert-mediation.org.

Community Ministry of Calvert County

Community Ministry is dedicated to helping our community’s families resolve crises and emergencies, often relating to needs for housing and food.

Housing for All

Calvert has far too little housing that is affordable for most families today.  This prevents families who cannot or choose not to spend most of their income on housing from living with a decent quality of life in Calvert County.  This includes many moderate- and low-wage employees, single-parent families, families on a fixed-income, the elderly, and young families.

Not only are current residents of this county losing their homes, going bankrupt, moving in with relatives, becoming homeless, or moving away, but also the high cost of renting and buying homes in Calvert County prevents amazing families and individuals from moving to the area and bringing their resources, skills, and friendship.

Interfaith Council of Calvert County

Representatives of Calvert County’s diverse religious community gather with community and social service organizations to coordinate the good work of the building up of our people and community.  Though the Interfaith Council, and the projects that spin off from that organization, Broadview coordinates with many other Christian denominations and other religious groups, including our local Islamic Center  and Jewish synagogue.


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